Heralding a massive wave of success MANGALSUTRA EK MARYADA

After rocking bash in June 2012 on completion of 200 episodes S R P Entertainment Pvt Ltd’s serial MANGALSUTRA EK MARYADA recently completed 250 episodes. Produced by Somji R Shastri, Rohit Singh and Pinky Chinoy the serial is airing on Doodarshan Monday to Friday at 1.00 p.m.

The serial is directed by Somji R Shashtri who has earlier given popular daily soaps like Mamta, Bandhan Rishto Ka and Mere Humsafar on Bhopal Doordarshan. GLAMGOLD recently met Somji for tete-e-tete. The happy director said, “MANGALSUTRA EK MARYADA is a serial which can watch by all the family members together. People get relate to its touching and emotional story. We were working on the story since long time and then presented for the audience. MEM is highest revenue grossing serial on DD.”

The serial has been shoot different studios of Mumbai. Music is given by Chandrama Chandrahi, lyrics by Ram Gautam and the voice is rendered by Priya Bhattacharya.

On asking why did he choose DD, Mr. Shashtri answers, “Satellite channels have killed the soul of daily soaps i.e. story. Doordarshan has maintained its purpose of welfare of the audience. DD has guideline which carries a message. Secondly DD gives freedom to creativity. DD is good platform for any producer who gives a quality product.”

About the Maryada (limitation) of Mangalsutra Somji explains, “A daughter lives dual life. She takes care of respect of both the homes, relations Mayka aur Sasural.”

MANGALSUTRA EK MARYADA has brigade of talented actors like Kiran Kumar, Jayshri Rao, Raza Murad, Hoshang Govil, Shahbaz Khan, Pankaj Berry, Imran Khan, Raju Kher, Tej Sapru, Aly Khan, Sanjay Swaraj, Gajendra Chauhan, Pinky Chinoy, Minakshi Varma, S M Zaheer, Usha Bachani etc.

“Next you will see twist and turn in the story, a tale of honesty and wickedness, how Aditya Pratap Singh (played by Kiran Kumar) fights against circumstances.”

What next venture? “Continuing with our policy of not compromising with quality, we are working on another serial BETIYAN VARDAAN HOTI HAI. It stars 53 actors.”

MANGALSUTRA EK MARYADA and BETIYAN VARDAAN HOTI HAI both revolve around daughters. With the smile Somji expresses love for daughters saying,

Beti ke roop mein Ishwar ka hamein adwitiya uphaar mila,

Utapann hui Beti jagat mein toh hum sab ko sansar mila,

Sundar sansar ki janani ban, Kuchh pati hai kuchh khoti hai,

Betiyan vardaan hoti hai.

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