Hayat Shaikh acquires Distribution rights of ‘I Hate Luv Storys’

“Picture N Kraft, founded in and headquartered in Mumbai (India) is a full-Entertainment service Agency with the simple mission of connecting YOUR PRODUCT with executive level with the audience and  professionals with both the national and international market knowledge and experience to craft and implement expert entertainment  programs that support and fuel any product or platform or promotion plan. Over the years Picture N Kraft has assumed a prolific character spreading its wings far and wide. Starting from its core competency of film distribution and Marketing , the company has managed to build successful businesses around other related value segments creating a more scalable structure, that will lead to long term sustainability and high growth.

Today the company has diversified into myriad fields, encompassing different facets of the entertainment industry and corporate Industry .  like Promotions ,publicity ,exclusive brand launch ,event management ,Advertising Strategy and Campaign, Branding ,Product Placement and associative Marketing ,Media planning and buying ,Content syndication ,public relations ,Merchandising, Bollywood based content ,Cinema /Multiplex activation  

Picture N Kraft is has been actively involved in:  

Major in Distribution and Trading:  

We have been actively involved and specialize  in the purchase of film rights for over 100 films. We have also assisted producers for the sale of the film to distributors on a territory basis (Indian & Overseas territories).

We have the most prestigious films and banners associated with our company, which is indeed a matter of pride for us  and our associates. 

Motion Pictures Production:  

PNK is currently in the process of producing a Hindi feature film to be shot in USA/London to be directed by an eminent writer of the industry

Colorization and restoration:

The company has recently got into the process of colorizing and restoring classics like” Dil Apna Preet Parai” and “Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam”


Procurement of songs

Picture N Kraft operates upon the philosophy of servicing the world of entertainment. Since its inception it has through a number of innovative marketing and strategic alliances, paved a way, for hallmark presence in the various media, which includes Terrestrial T.V. (D.D), Satellite, Cable Network, LPT’S, Airways & the emerging Media Internet. Be it, procuring films rights, film clips & songs rights, creating entertainment portals or event management our company is the final destination in entertainment media products. We have the biggest and exclusive film software archive.

If resources can be considered a strength, we have it all, from an enviable Hindi songs collection, to strategic alliances with almost every noteworthy channel today, from music channels like ETC, Channel [V], MTV, Sony Tv, B4U,Star plus,Sahara,Etv ,All Doordarshan to News channels like Aaj Tak, NDTV, Star News, Zee News, Sahara, etc… and production companies like Creative Eye, B.R. Films, Nimbus, Phase I, Plus Channel, etc…and programmes like Chitrahaar, Rangoli, Chayageet, Ooh Lala La…, Super Hit Muqbala, Truck Dhin Na Dhin… Videocon Flashback, MTV 123, Popdum Show, Cine starangi etc…  


The nostalgic research is the main essence of our work and progress. Our apt research team fully equipped to meet with the demands for various themes for all kinds of programmes whether they are film artist song based, or based on any other auspicious occasions and programmes which project emotional thoughts. Our research bank is filled with biographies of film artiste, producers, directors, singers, lyricist, & other technicians.

We have got almanac details of the films and stories behind the scenes, those who have contributed for the immense success of blockbuster films. 

Public Relations & Sponsorship  

Dedicated to the practice of specialized, personalized public relations and Spanning every area of specialization, PNK has been successful in meting the public relations needs of individuals, production companies and organizations within accommodate a wide range of budgets. Sponsorship demands superlative communication skills, rigorous strategic thinking, and a passion for shaping information to support clients’ business plans and objectives.  

Tactical Consulting

The biggest questions when it comes to movie marketing and promotion initiatives are : if we will be able to present  it  right  way? Where do we start? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? We understand initiating a communications strategy can be bewildering, so we help point our clients in the right direction and assist them in their communications objectives. 

Hayat shaikh  

Hayat’s working pattern carries a distinct impression of the sensitivity of the man. This is apparent in the portrayal of his aptitude, carefully chosen clients and the perfectly integrated team. With attention given to every aspect of the film promotion, he makes each one a memorable experience. Hayat has been actively involved in Film Trading, Strategy and Planning for various films, Procurement and Management, event management, Film Production and has a knack of increasing sales and speeding profitability.

His father Mr.Asad Tyrewala  is the negative right holder of the film “Dil Apna Preet Parayee” and is assisting his father in colorizations and restoring the film