Get your weekly dose of laughs with Vh1

Vh1, India’s premier international entertainment channel, brings to you a rib tickling hour of comedy with Vh1 House of Humour! Get ready for a combination of the most hilarious and wackiest shows ever on television – ‘Pranked’ and ‘The Dudesons in America’! The madness takes over your television screens starting 5th August at 10.30 pm only on Vh1!

‘Pranked’ is a program that showcases the best pranks ever caught on camera and posted online. Show hosts,’s Streeter Seidell & Amir Blumenfeld have you rolling on the floor with their silly humor! Don’t miss the best homemade pranks concocted by kids and normal everyday people without any professional help. The best online pranks combined with the most hilarious commentary, Vh1 gives you thirty minutes of laugh out loud, laugh till it hurts HUMOUR!

‘Dudesons in America’ is a show based on four reckless ‘dudes’ that have come from Finland to live the ‘American Dream’. They have the guts but no brains, and are obsessed with hilarity of self-pain and crazy stunts. For those who are into sarcastic and sadistic humour, the ‘Dudesons in America’ are surely going to amuse you with their antics, absurdity and idiosyncrasies!

Says, Ferzad Palia, Head – Vh1, Vh1 has initiated such kind of shows earlier and it is famed for its comic content. Like all our other shows, I’m sure Vh1 House of Humour is going to appeal to the viewers and give them a refreshing dose of silly, crazy humour!”

If you love crazy, slapstick or just random humour, ‘Vh1 House of Humour’ is just the show you’ve been waiting for! Catch it all, starting 5th August, Thursdays @ 10.30 pm only on Vh1!