Gajali Film Production Pvt. Ltd.’s film MLA : Common man’s fate and the right candidate

Jiskay paas power hoti hai, uska wrong bhee right hota hai

MLA  releasing all over on May 25th 2012


The film talk about a village called Bhaglipur in Madhya Pradesh. This is where one Industrialist from the same village is trying to generate employment by starting a Milk Factory for them. To encash on the industrialist’s goodwill with locals the sitting MLA of the district befriends him. What emerges in the end is the betrayal towards the common man. Will the common man be able to change his fate by voting for the right person? Or will it be another incident of exploitation of the weak?


“My interest in shooting this film was to capture the real miseries and need of common man. Through my movie I want to change people’s viewpoint about politics because today the moment we say politics first thing that comes to mind are negative thoughts – scams, scams and lot more scams… The biggest thought while making this film was ‘if a common man decides to change the fate of his country he can do that by electing the right candidate’. The film depicts a deadly conflict between a political leader, an industrialist and a common man, creating a thrilling drama.”


Kamal Kushwaha (Chaitanya Naidu) is a well-settled Businessman but his is the classic story of rags to riches. Hailing from a small town Bhaglipur in Madhya Pradesh, he has his business in and around the area. His idea is to generate employment and money for his fellow villagers. In his quest he comes close to a farmer Shankar (Onkar Das Manikpuri) developing an emotional bond. The sitting MLA of the district Pratap Singh (Mukesh Tiwari) needs money for his election campaign and targets KK industries to generate it. The secretary Sukhiram (Pankaj Triparthi) approaches KK Group of industries but is turned away. This starts a series of vendetta and sinister plotting.

Film MLA was shot in Panchgani, Wai and Mumbai.


Gajali Film Production Pvt. Ltd. Present

MLA – An Inside Intruder

A Film Directed by Shiv Dube

Producer – BLK

Executive Producer – Sonam Rai,

Line Producer- Amit Rai

Screenplay- Shiv Dube/Kuldeep Ruhil

Story & Dialogues – Mahendra Singh Purohit/Mukesh Tiwari/Pankaj Tripathi/Kuldeep Ruhil

Director of Photography – Parvez Pathan

Music Director – Sandesh Shandilya

Editor- Ammol S Pawar/ Suraj Gunjal

Media Consultant – Neelam Gupta (NR2-The Image Engineers)

Length – 2 Hours 10 Minutes


Mukesh Tiwari as Pratap Singh

Onkar Das Manikpuri as villager Shankar

Pankaj Tripathi as Sukhiram

Introducing Chaitanya Naidu as businessman Kamal Kushwaha

Introducing Ana Kanandadze as Ana

Deep Raj Rana as Bharat

Puneet as Anuj Kushwaha

Krishna Srivastava as RannKaushal

Sania Bajaj as Maya

Other Technicals

Live Sound- Anil Lawrence Dsilva

Background Score & Sound Design – Sam Salil

Production Manager – Athey Shaikh

Production Controller – Santosh Mahskey / Vicky Singh

Costume Consultant – Nadia Rebello & Tanu Bhatia

Casting Director – Shiv Dube

Art Director- Uday Vasant Joshi, Satyaparkash Upadhyay, Yoshika Gurnani, Pooja Chaudhary, Karsten D’Cunha

Publicity Designer- Prassanjeet Moitra

VFX Manager – Kishore Kawad

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