From Buckingham Palace to Nisheeth Sharan’s Grillopolis, the Bollywood way!

The chef training at Nisheeth Sharan’s Grillopolis seemed to be star-studded! And the one’s gracing the occasion was not only from our own bollywood but also from across the seven seas!  Chef Claudio, from Italy shared his skills on Italian cuisine with the chefs of Grillopolis. This was not the first time Chef Claudio has taken the responsibility of such training. But what made it special was that Chef Claudio has previously trained the chefs of Buckingham Palace, the chefs who serve Queen Elizabeth. And taking joy being part of this occasion was our very own Bollywood Bacha Narmmadaa Ahuja. Being a foodie, just like her father, Govinda, Narmmadaa enjoyed every moment of it!