First Look of Murder at Koh E Fiza launched

The first look of Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited much awaited film “Murder at Koh e Fiza” was launched at a suburb restaurant in Mumbai today with much fanfare. Murder at Koh E Fiza is based on a true event of Koh E Fiza, Bhopal.
The whole cast and crew is present at the event. The film distributor and producer, Manoj Nandwana who is famous for his controversial based movie is the producer and story concept together with producer Mohak Gupta were present at the event along with co-producer and associate producer Mondira Kar and Santosh Mudgal, Praveen Jan, Maqbool Rizvi, Rashid Khan respectively. The director of the film Divaker Naik was also present at the event. The cinematography, Dipak Nayak editor, Jitendra K Shah and screenplay & dialogue by, Badrish Patil were also the part of the event.
The JVEL had released 3 posters of the movie and all the posters are quite interesting. The first poster revealed the location of the movie, as Bhopal is famous for lakes. The second poster showed a love story, passion, amour of being with one another. The third poster was full of curiosity and was of black shed .This acknowledged being the climax of the movie. The first 2 posters was the base and third poster was the content on which the movie is based upon. The movie is a murder mystery and it was depicted by its posters.
As per the talks of movie’s producer Manoj Nandwana, this thriller movie will give a good experience to movie goers. As a market strategy, they have not revealed the actor’s name, According to him this movie will do justice with the theater. As of now, only the poster and concept are released but the lead cast will soon come into limelight. As stated by Mr. Nandwana, this movie will set a new trend in Bollywood.
According to the declamation of the director, Divaker Naik,he is very excited with his this directional venture. As the movie is based on true story of Bhopal, the whole movie is shot at a real location of Bhopal itself. Murder at Koh E Fiza will embark a footprint in the Bollywood.
As a director Mr. Naik is very inspired by the story when he comes across to it and as a true story there is much scope to do in directional part. The movies which are based on true story, there is very little chance to make changes in the concept. The story concept, local artist and real location are really challenging but at the same time, are very demanding. On the part of audience, this movie will give them thriller impact. It will hold the audience from the start to end.
The shooting of the film was done at Bhopal itself, and the makers are working on post production and looking for the release of this murder mystery is set to release on2nd Feb 2018.