First look of Gujarati film NAMO SAUNE GAMO

Gujarat is gearing up for state government elections to be held in December. Election atmosphere is becoming hot day by day. Baaj Movie Creations presentation, producer Yogesh Baaj is coming with his debut venture NAMO SAUNE GAMO which can put political parties in confusion. Audience is curious to watch the film as the lead actor is looking like Gujarat chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi played by Laljibhai Devariya of Gandhidham, Kutch.

Says producer Yogesh, “There is no message or suggestions in the film though it is based on today’s politics. It is full entertainment film. Secondly there is no hero, heroin or songs in the film. There are five main characters which are all Muslim. Artists have not done make-up nor have made costumes for them. We have shown them as natural as common man in day to day life.”

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