Find out what guys want on ‘Eristoff MTV MF 101’

Ever wondered what it would feel like to hit the jackpot on every slot-machine? Date the hottest women? Ride the swankiest wheels in town? Or have a VIP pass to absolutely everything? MTV, India’s only multiplatform youth destination gives you a chance to taste paradise with its brand new show ‘Eristoff MTV MF 101’! Bringing to you the first of its kind reality series, MTV will bring alive every single ‘Male Fantasy’ there is! With 4 contenders on the show and one ticket to the ultimate Eristoff party at an international destination, MTV is yet again exploring unchartered territory which always appeals to young people. If the life king size is not for you, then don’t log on to to audition!

After a round of selections, 4 of the most deserving (and luckiest) candidates (read: boys) will get the chance to live out every fantasy! The bathroom will be the size of a football field, a king-size bed with satin sheets will be the accommodation on a bad day & the garage will hold 20 swanky cars. MTV will give the contestants a chance to hang out at the best clubs, hire bodyguards, drive a different car everyday and if cars are not your choice then there are always yachts & choppers to suit your fancy!

Young Indians are living the XXL life… which means dreams are out and fantasies are in. This show brings to life the fantasies of this ‘gimme more’ generation. Young people will relate to this world and these 4 guys are definitely going to be the envy of the nation. Eristoff truly embodies these values and this is just the beginning of an exciting partnership” says Aditya Swamy, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing-MTV India.

Adds Arvind Krishnan, General Manager-Bacardi India, “The world of Eristoff is exciting, edgy & unconventional. A perfect setting to bring alive fantasies that this racy & aspirational youth generation has. ‘Eristoff MTV MF 101’ is a perfect blend of Eristoff’s edginess & the MTV cultured youth. We are tremendously excited about this partnership, bringing alive cutting edge content as a first-of-its-kind experience.”

If you want to be every male’s envy and live the life you’ve always dreamt of, log on to to register.

Can you handle the ultimate male fantasies?

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