Essence of relationships : MI AAJI AUR SAHEB on Imagine TV premiering 6th February, 2012

This February, Imagine TV joins hands with Shakuntalam Telefilms to present its viewers with a new fiction show titled MI AAJI AUR SAHEB. Set against the backdrop of Maharashtra, the show will highlight the essence of relationships between a grandmother, her grandchild & their Saheb that triumphs all obstacles. The character of Saheb and the friendship that the little girl shares with him will take the show to an intriguing phase. MI AAJI AUR SAHEB will showcase how different relationships grow, mature and evolve with time, circumstances and age.

Breaking away from everyday television fare, MI AAJI AUR SAHEB narrates the story of Vasudha, who takes up the job of a maid to support & look after her grand-daughter Megha, after her daughter passes away & her son-in-law shirks the little girl’s responsibility. Vasudha, an elderly lady is a woman of substance who goes against all odds to fend for her orphaned grandchild and provide her with life’s best. She has dreams and aspirations for her grand-daughter Megha.

Megha is her grandmother’s pillar of strength and is optimistic about life. She adores her Saheb Vishwaas whom she has high regard for & shares a great camaraderie with. Megha is a child who soothes his frayed nerves by her innocence. She idolizes him, as he is nice to her and her Aaji and treats them both with respect. She grows up idolizing Vishwaas, & their relationship takes on a new dimension when Vishwaas sees the gawky schoolgirl Megha as a confident, young lady years later. The story highlights the beautiful bond that they all share with each other that transcends age and boundaries.

Announcing the new addition to Imagine’s line-up of daily shows, Mr. Vivek Bahl, Chief Content Officer, Turner General Entertainment Networks Pvt Ltd. said, “MI AAJI AUR SAHEB is a simple, yet unique journey of Megha, a young girl who goes from being a housemaid’s granddaughter, to an educated, bright young girl. Helping her along in this journey, are her two key relationships – with her Nani, as well as her Saheb… people she is going to cherish always & forever!”

The roles of Megha, Vasudha and Vishwaas will be essayed by Reem Sheikh, Smita Oak and Sandit Kumar respectively.

Neelima Bajpai, Producer Shakuntalam Telefilms says, “The show is the story of Megha and her Aaji, who is her friend, protector and the guiding force of her life. The show talks about standing tall amidst misery, keeping one’s dignity intact and amidst the struggle to survive the beauty of having a dream and then working towards attaining it. This story will be told realistically and in a simple way.”

Distanced by age…Bonded with love… catch this refreshing new show premiering 6th February, 2012 at 9:30 p.m only on Imagine!


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