Emraan Hashmi is in an argument with his uncle & veteran Film-Maker Mahesh Bhatt over some really steamy scenes with Shella Allen in his upcoming film ‘CROOK-It’s Good to Be Bad’, which releases on 8th of October 2010. Infact it is the first time ever that the serial kisser Emraan is wanting erotic content to be cut down from his film. The actor has been lately been enjoying a lot of success as his first film outside the Bhatt banner, Once Upon a Time In Mumbai (OUATIM) became a massive hit. Henceforth, Emraan has become very image conscious as OUATIM didn’t have much intimate scenes either but the film did very well. So Emraan feels that sensuality in Crook is only required till a certain point and not beyond the limit, and that is what the topic of debate is between Mr. Bhatt and Hashmi. However Mr. Bhatt is adamant on retain the scenes as they are. It seems that Emraan has had his cake in the film but now it’s becoming difficult for him to digest it!

“The reason I wanted the excessive erotic content to be cut down was because Crook is not a skin flick. It is much more than an entertainer. It touches down the serious issue of racial discrimination with Indians in Australia, in an entertaining way. I do not want Crook to be another Murder or Jism. Also If you see my recent film OUATIM, it did not have lengthy intimate scenes but the film worked equally well,” Says Emraan.

Mahesh Bhatt however seemed quiet firm on his decision of keeping the scenes in the film and said- “Emraan’s quest for respectability is totally disconnected from the box office. Today, the audience wants to be gratified and not edited. In Crook, we have a great product, which has the added component of sensuality. I see no reason to cut it down.”