EK DEEWANA THA music was released at Taj Mahal

A R Rahman is an ambitious musician. And he wants to scale new heights with every film he works on. After ROCKSTAR, he comes with romantic album of EK DEEWANA THA. It is a special film as he pairs once again with Gautham Menon.

Since EK DEEWANA THA is a love story, Rahman was keen to release the music at the most iconic romantic place. And what better than Taj Mahal at Agra, 8th wonder of the world has been immortalised and recognised as epitome of love.

A R Rahman, Gautham Menon, Prateik and Amy Jackson released music at the iconic Taj Mahal. While there were lots of concerns to reach, with fog playing havoc and permissions coming last minute, EK DEEWANA THA managed a music launch at beautiful setting.

After the music launch at Taj Kheema, where you can see Taj at the background, all went to Taj Mahal to see the monument in its full glory.

Gautham Menon’s EK DEEWANA THA is a love story all set to release in valentine’s month, February.