DR. PRAKASH BABA AMTE THE REAL HERO depicts the sensational life story

The movie depicts the sensational life story of Dr. Prakash Amte. An able surgeon like him, who had had the opportunity to earn handsomely on foreign shores, chose, instead to work at Hemalkasa, a forlorn adivasi area. The movie is about this doctor’s 40 years of unconditional, tireless and selfless service to the adivasis, without keeping any sort of expectations from anybody.

The movie encompasses his life, work, his wife’s sacrifice, his sensitivity towards wild animals and his constant endeavor to save the ecosystem.

Global recognition, like being awarded the ‘Magsaysay Award’ a country like Monaco dedicates a stamp towards their work and it’s only then when people from all over the world came searching and travelled all the way to Hemalkasa, did the Indian Government notice it and presented them with the ‘Padmashree’.

Let alone the Adivasis, Dr. Amte also made friends with the wild animals and birds and gradually began to ‘understand’ their language. The movie captures this delicate and unique relationship between a human being and the animals. His ‘Animal Ark’ even today stands as bewilderment to all. While doing so, Dr. Amte did not allow to imbalance the ecosystem, because he worked in an area rich with flora & fauna. It is not just enough to speak about environmental issues, but one has to do something about it and that’s what Dr. Prakash did.

The movie traverses through a colorful journey…..about his 40 years of work for and with the adivasis along with their romantic yet funny stories, showing a very different culture sounded with excellent music….. are some of the inseparable constituents of the movie. In short, the film is about a love-story, about terrible incidences, about courage, about sacrifice, about wild animals, nature and soft and light comedy. The music is enchanting and entertaining.

Since Hemalkasa and surroundings was and still is a ‘hot-bed’ of Naxalites, the movie also captivates the birth of a Naxalite, of an innocent, helpless adivasi and how they are forced to hold-the-gun, with no options left.

Government officials have very often troubled and questioned their intentions of giving medical treatment to the naxalites and also about caging the wild animals.

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