Don’t tell your Mother about the show ‘Meethi Chhoorii No. 1’

You have seen them as demure Bahus on Television’s daily soaps. Now get to know the real side of the leading ladies of Indian Television, as they gossip about each other in front of each other!

Starting August 14, Imagine presents Meethi Chhoorii No.1, the most sizzling new reality show on TV full of fun, gossip and controversy…where there are no holds barred and no points for being diplomatic!  Just one word of caution – don’t tell your mother that you are watching this show!

In this unique and oh-so entertaining new show, a revolving panel of eight celebrity women will have to face up to the reality of how their peers actually perceive them. In every episode, the panel is presented with a juicy, gossipy question and they are then asked to rank each other in a descending order, i.e. from the least preferred candidate present amongst them to the most preferred.

Sample this –

“Which one of these women is mostly likely to steal your boyfriend?”


“Which one of these women will go to any lengths for publicity?”

The celebrity panel will include the most popular ladies from Indian television like Ragini Khanna, Urvashi Dholakia, Rakshanda Khan, Yami Gautam, Neha Marda, Vibha Anand Karishma Tanna, Rupali Ganguly amongst others. And that’s when the fun begins, leading to a healthy dose of verbal catfights, outpouring of extreme emotions, accusations, allegations and much more…   In the very first episode Ragini Khanna and Rakshanda Khan get into a huge cat-fight and that too over a mere surname. Rakshanda apparently referred to herself as ‘Queen Khan’ to which Ragini Khanna tried to outsmart her and curtly replied “If you say that, then I should be called Queen Khanna as I have the additional alphabets ‘N’ & ‘A’ to my surname.” Not one to sit quietly and be insulted, Rakshanda snidely remarked “There are only two people who rule in this industry… the Khan’s and the Kapoor’s.” Rakshanda’s ‘muh-todh’ jawab was enough to keep Ragini quiet and leave her fuming.

In the middle of all this action, inciting the girls will be two very dashing and handsome hosts – Shabbir Ahluwalia and Jay Bhanushali.  These young heart-throbs will have a bagful of secrets and tricks up their sleeves to ensure that every moment of Meethi Chhoorii No.1 is spicy and eventful.

Who amongst these ladies will be the fashionista? Catch your favourite sati-savitri saree clad bahus in a never seen before sexy and glamorous avatar on Meethi Chhoorii No.1, an edgy and exciting show that premieres on August 14, 2010 and will air every Saturday at 10:00 p.m only on Imagine!