Does NAUTANKI SAALA have a French connection?

It is the season of remakes and everyone seems to be taking pride in making them! Recently even the Bhatts’ admitted to their inspiration for ‘Murder 3’ was a Spanish film. Bollywood is certainly opening up but are remakes just in vogue currently or are they here to stay?

So is the case of Rohan Sippy’s upcoming movie after a long hiatus – NAUTANKI SAALA. zoOm found out that the movie starring dimpled Ayushmann Khurrana and Kunal Roy Kapoor is actually based on a French romcom – Apres Vous (After You). While ‘After You’ has a restaurant backdrop, NAUTANKI SAALA’s plot revolves around theatre. Reportedly, a lot of elements from the French inspiration are reflected in NAUTANKI SAALA. What’s more… the makers have apparently given due credit to the original movie!

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