Deepika Padukone has styled herself in Rohit Dhawan’s DESI BOYZ

Deepika Padukone is one of the most stylist youngsters of our industry. At the young age of 24, her style speaks of fun at the same time of elegance. She dresses with lot of elegance, style and oomph.

For Rohit Dhawan’s DESI BOYZ, she takes her style statement to yet another level.  Since she plays a young beautiful girl, she personally took interest, sat with the stylist and worked on her wardrobe.  She wanted her look to be very similar to what she is in personal life.

Deepika will come across a young fashionable girl in the film and her appearance is quite similar to her real life look. Thus she proposed her styling to be very similar to personal dressing style.

If sources are to be believed Deepika incorporated certain amount of her personal taste to original styling that was designed for her in the film. Deepika has made a mark of her own as far as films and styling are concerned and believes in comfortable sense of style.

Her inputs for her look and styling in film weren’t restricted just to suggestions but she also shared some of her personal collection from her wardrobe to enhance the appearance and feel.

She worked very closely with the style team of DESI BOYZ.