Daler Mehendi sings for LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI

Rakesh Mehta’s directorial debut LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI song has been recorded. Daler Mehendi has recorded a song for the film which is based on Hariyanvi Cop’s character played by Manu Rishi.

The lyrics of the song are in sync with the feel of the character and goes like “Mein Haryane ka Sher”. Rakesh Mehta is happy and thankful to Daler Mehndi that he agreed on doing this song for his film. He adds, “As it is the character played by Manu Rishi is very much a North Indian hence, Daler Mehndi was an obvious choice for the singer. Daler Mehendi is one of the most heard about singer in North of India and he is going to be a value addition in the film and his voice is going to spice up the music of the film.”

Rakesh Mehta is positive about the song and feels that once the song is out, it will become a rage amongst the north Indian audiences especially the Jaat community from Haryana. The music of the film is going to be out very soon.