Creative Eye Limited exploring media market of Australia

Creative Eye Limited, a public listed company on BSE & NSE headed by its Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Dheeraj Kumar recently met Mr Tony Huber, Consul General at the office of the Australian Consulate-General in Mumbai.

During their discussion the diplomat was informed about India’s Media and Entertainment Industry.  Mr. Kumar further informed Mr. Huber that Digital content production is growing at the whopping pace of 33% year on year. As a veteran of the Indian Television, Mr. Kumar gave detailed presentation of the Indian and global scenarios, highlighting stages with opportunities for growth.

Mr. Huber said he was extremely impressed with the detailed, deep and encouraging information he received from Dheeraj Kumar. He had gained a   good understanding of Indian TV and media industry. Mr. Huber was happy to note that Creative Eye Limited is one complete company which handles concepts across the Television, Digital and Animation streams; from ideation till the finally ready for release, quality content. Mr Huber assured that he would look for matching Australian  production houses and  media companies who could associate   with Creative Eye Limited and explore the  possibility of  global content production. Dheeraj Kumar further explained that Creative Eye Limited now also  has uniquely talented associates  in animation industry  and Creative Eye Limited  is thus capable of taking on large scale animation projects  at a lesser cost and time. This fact is less known to the world and Australia and could prove a game changer for early Australian joint Venture partners with Creative Eye Limited. Dheeraj Kumar assured a total hand- holding of Australian companies and partners and making them a part of the growth story of Creative Eye Limited.

Subsequently CFO-COO, Sunil Gupta of Creative Eye Limited expressed that the company has decided to expand its footprint in  the entertainment market in various verticals of content production with renewed strength, as it brings along a few of the Global leaders in content production and animation on board with the company. Creative Eye Limited is in the process of aggressively exploring the leading media and entertainment markets of the World. To conclude, Chairman Dheeraj Kumar shared the information that very soon, a few of the leading professionals from Indian media and entertainment Industry shall be on the board of Creative Eye Limited to strengthen and take the robust, local and international vision of the company forward with a fresh dynamism.