COWBOY AND ALIENS–Full of action film

Hollywood action films are best known for their technique and scale of sequence and taking this trend one step ahead COWBOY AND ALIENS promises to be a movie not to be missed.

COWBOY AND ALIENS is an upcoming Hollywood flick with Daniel Craig of James Bond fame as the leading hero. The film is based on the graphic novel with the same name and is set in Arizona of 1873. The film is about how cowboys in that era fought Aliens. Very high priority has been given to the action sequences of the movie.

According to the buzz, this can be the biggest Action film in term of scale. Also it would be interesting to see how Cowboys with their guns and horses will fight Aliens with very sophisticated gadgets and flying machines. According to sources action sequences took most of the time while production and also while post-production. Also the last action sequence where COWBOY AND ALIENS get into the war on a huge battlefield is the most expensive sequence of the movie.

The planning for this action sequence started at the time of scripting of film. The producers wanted the sequence to be benchmark for any action sequence for Hollywood movie.