Colors’ VEER SHIVAJI wins the prestigious “Jijau Puraskar”

In under a span of 5 months, COLORS’ first historical epic show VEER SHIVAJI on popular demand was felicitated with the “Jijau Puraskar” an Award function organized by the Maharashtra Seva Sang on the birthday of Jijabai.

An award function that is attended by over four lakh people, this esteemed award was given to COLORS’ VEER SHIVAJI for bringing back to life the story of the Maratha warrior for the new generation. Besides narrating uncharted incidents from his life, the show highlights the relationship between mother and son that became an integral part of Shivaji’s fight for Swarajya. It was his mother Jijabai who was the driving force that inspired him and it she who was instrumental in cultivating the spirit of bravery and Swarajya in him. Under Jijabai’s guidance and tutelage, Shivaji tasted his first success of acquiring a fort at the tender age of sixteen.

Commenting on the award Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe Entertainment says, -“Behind every successful man there is a woman and for Shivaji, this woman was none other than his mother Jijabai. She was his family, his mentor, his councilor and his strength. I feel honored to have brought alive this unique relationship of a mother and her son. It’s a great honour to have received that the Jijau Puruskar. It is the love that the people have shown for VEER SHIVAJI that has resulted in this proud day for us. With all my heart, I thank you all for your support and appreciation.”

Well known Mararthi actress Shilpa Tulaskar aka Jijabai of VEER SHIVAJI said, “I feel humbled by this award. Playing Jijabai is a pleasure and it comes to me naturally. It’s an intriguing role and I feel honoured to have been given a chance to play such an important character in this historical saga.”

The show is now following the track of how Shivaji tasted his first bout of success by conquering his very first fort, Fort Torna and the entry of well known television actor Chetan Hansraj as Inaayat Khan, the killedar at Fort Torna and Shiva’s new enemy.