‘Chhand Priticha’ – A Musical Journey

Gifted with its rich culture and traditions Maharashtra has different types of folk which includes Lavani, Lokgeet, Sawal – jawab, Bhavgeet, Bhaktigeet and Tamasha. These dance forms used to entertain the audience of 80’s in Cinema’s with mesmerizing music & rhythmic movements. Maharashtra’s folk has its own audience… by keeping this in mind Producer Chandrakant Jadhav is coming up with a musical hit ‘Chhand Priticha’ under the banner of Premla Pictures releasing 10th November.
“Chandrapurichya menakaa ni Rambha, Tujhpudhe Kay Tyancha Tembha” these are the lines from one of the songs of this film. The story revolves around a Shahir (poet) who leaves his ancestral house and money for the love of music. He meets a girl who is equally compassionate about folk music and dance. These art lovers develop a love bond. Songs of ‘Chhand Priticha’ has justified their journey very nicely.
‘Aal Aabhal bharun’ the song sung by Javed Ali and Ketaki Mategaonkar steals our heart. Bela Shende has sung “Nisti Darawar Tichki Maara’, ‘Waajo PahateChe Paach’, ‘Satya Sangate’ Lavanis in her dynamic voice. Vigorous Sawaal-Jawaab song has been sung by Bela and Vaishali Samant. Song like ‘Kosalali Ti Vij’ and ‘Shahiri Lavani has been glorified by Adarsh Shinde’s voice. These sturdy songs has been written by N. Relekar and music is composed by Pravin Kunwar.
‘Chhand Priticha’ has written & directed by N. Relekar. The film is produced by Chandrakant Jadhav under the banner of Premla Pictures. In the role of Shahir( poet) is debutant Harsh Kulkarni and Suvarna Kale as the beautiful mesmerizing dancer Chandra and Subodh Bhave as Dholki player Rajaram.
So these star and music studded movie is coming your way on 10thNov all over Maharashtra.