CHALU DHYA TUMCHA music and trailer launched

We often have been hearing that instead of crying hoarse over a sad incident, we should look at it with a tinge of happiness to make life easier to live. To lead a happy life, nothing works as a tonic than laughter. Since this tonic is available to the masses only through films, the craze for comedies does not abate at all. Blue Vision Entertainment has now come up with the film Chalu Dhya Tumcha which is nothing but tonic to lead a happy life.
Pravin Madhukar Tawde, Vishal Vasant Vahurwagh and Amol Vasu have produced the film while Rajesh Balkrishna Jadhav has directed it. The music launch and the unveiling of the trailer of the film were held at the Flags Restaurant at Andheri with great fanfare in the presence of the cast and crew as well as the technicians, singers and the music directors of the film.
Avinash Dhodke, Hanumant Yevle and Aditi Jahagirdar have written the lyrics while Madhu Bhosle and Anurag-Chinmay have composed the music for the film. Aiding the story to move forward, the film also has four melodious songs in different moods. The song Dus Ka Dozen Paanch Ka Aadha has been sung by Vijay Gatlewar, Mukund Nitane and Vibhavari while 20-20 has been sung by Uttara Kelkar. The duet Man Majhe Harvoon Basle has been sung by Vijay Gatlewar and Neha Rajpal. The title song Chalu Dhya Tumcha has been sung by Adarsh Shinde. Ganesh Satardekar has arranged the music. The songs were recorded at Nostalgia Studios and Ajivasan Studios while the sound mixing was done by Avdhoot Wadkar.
The film is an attempt to look at the world at large with positivity and make the viewer pause to think even while entertaining them amply. The film drives home the message that globalization is being felt acutely even in small villages, besides the modern cities and in the process human beings even forget their daily priorities while some greedy people cause damage to the society’s fiber in the process of filling up their coffers with money instead of doing welfare to the society. This delicate thought has been woven in the story as well as the screenplay by director Rajesh Balkrishna Jadhav while Sambhaji Sawant has written the dialogues.
The film stars Milind Gunaji, Vijay Kadam, Sandeep Pathak, Nisha Parulekar, Megha Ghatge, Ajay Jadhav, Umesh Mitkari, Vaishali Chandorkar, Sudhir Sinha, Deepjyoti Naik, Kamal Adib etc with special appearances by Vijay Patkar, Jairaj Nayar, Rahul Tawde and Meera Joshi. Santosh Bhosle has done the makeup while Minali Bhosle has done the hairdressing. Minal Bhaskar Desai has designed the costumes and Keshav Thakur has done the art direction while Prashant Naik done the action sequences. Dipali Vichare, Jayesh Patil and Bharat Jadhav have choreographed the songs while Sudarshan Satpute is the editor. Raja Phadtare is the cinematographer, Praveen Shashikant is the Executive Producer. Mahesh Gopal Barambe is the line producer.