Banner : Shubham Cinevision

Producer : Neeta Prasad Laad

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction :  Atmaram Dharne

Music Director : Aashay

Lyrics : Subodh Pawar

Singers : Vaishali Samant, Bela Shende, Avdhoot Gupte

Executive Producer : Satyavan Gawde

CAST : Nirmiti Sawant, Nagesh Bhonsale, Priya Berde, Bharat Ganeshpure, Teja Devkar, Megha Ghadge, Swati Deval, Sheetal Bankar, Siya Patil, Hemlata Bane, Ananda Karekar, Sagar Karande, Sanjay Kasbekar

                                                                     Rating : * * *

                                                                    Vipul K. Shah

We have watched many films on sports. But CHAL DHARPAKAD is probably first Marathi film on Kabaddi. It is story of woman power.

Vaitagwadi a small, lost village, somewhere in Maharashtra. The village has school but no chalks. A dispensary without doctor. The villagers have land but on the name of Sarpanch Bhujangrao Patil (Nagesh Bhonsale).

Bhujangrao is very passionate about the game of Kabaddi for which entire village is under the ambush of fear. If anyone dares to go against him or refuses to obey his orders, he declares a game of Kabaddi and then beats him.

Bhujangrao’s wife Komal (Nirmiti Sawant) use to have slim body before she get married. Today she has become fat lady. So Bhujangrao is attarcted to Champa as he hates even a sight of his wife. To regain herself respect and her rights Komal takes a vow challenge to defeat her husband in Kabaddi with in one month. Here starts her journey full of difficulties. She has to gether six more women to make team. She also needs a coach. Her ex-fiance Kisna (Bharat Ganeshpure) takes the resposibility as coach. And the day arrives…

Nagesh Bhonsale is impressive as cruel and corrupt Sarpanch. Nirmiti Sawant has done great job. She has done nice comedy scenes specially scene in temple where she speaks in Amitabh Bachchan style. Priya Berde is also nice.

Atmaram Dharne has done good job as director. He has also written story, screenplay and dialogues. The film just flows without any boring or unnecessary scenes. The comedy punches with dialogues keeps you laughing. For example ‘Asa melo tar one piece swargat jain’.

Teja Devkar, Megha Ghadge, Swati Deval, Sheetal Bankar, Siya Patil, Hemlata Bane, Ananda Karekar, Sagar Karande and Sanjay Kasbekar are also good.

Om the whole CHAL DHARPAKAD is funny film with nice message. If you want relax in weekend go and watch it.