CHAKALLASPUR had an impact in film festivals

Producer Kiran Jaiswal, director Rajnish Jaiswal’s upcoming film CHAKALLASPUR had solid impact and got applauds in Jhansi Film Festival, Patna Film Festival and Third Eye Asian Film Festival. The film will release soon. Jhansi guy Aarif Shahdoli who has done cameo in Maniratnam’s ‘Raavan’ plays the lead with Mukesh Manas, Urmila Mahant, Padmaja Rai and Tripurari Yadav.

Director Rajnish Jaiswal says, “I met Aarif in Mumbai when I was planning for this film. I offered the lead role to him which was right decision. Aarif has done wonderful acting and had attracted critics during film festivals.”

The story of CHAKALLASPUR is about a village having backdrop of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The village does not get any help from both the states for better life and basic necessities. A 10 year old boy Billu goes to city and returns after years. Billu listens to Man Ki Baat programme of prime minister and writes a letter to PMO and what happens next you what it on big screen.

The music is composed by Parvesh Malik, lyrics by Ram Gautam and cinematography by Kaushik Mandal.