Cast of KHAP speaks about the film

Ajay Sinha (Director):

“One day when I found the screaming News Paper Head Line Medieval Justice, 50 Km from Delhi staring directly into my eyes, I decided to bring it on celluloid. What a shock? In today’s time such customs exist in some places in our country where Marriages Are Not Made In Heaven!

KHAP is a film which breathes the very air that has turned poisonous for the young lovers. KHAP is a gutsy and honest film on the issue of Honour Killings with uncompromising attitude. Can there be a film like this? See to believe it!”

Om Puri:

“The Supreme Court has announced that Khap panchayat is illegal, and it is inhuman to kill young children in the name of false honour, there are many communities in the world who allow intra- community marriage like amongst Muslims who marry their cousins and it has not affected their population. The whole world doesn’t follow such tradition, and I assert that killing innocent children is against the law. It is a well made film and it questions the tradition of Khap. The story is told with compassion, humanity and such a hard hitting subject is told in a very entertaining manner.”

Manoj Pahwa:

“Khap panchayat pratha ke naam par dadagiri hai aur illegal hai. I feel that people should see this film, it is important. That’s why the government should make this film tax free. In an independent country like ours, every adult has the right to choose their own partners”.

Govind Namdev:

“The film is about a village where marrying in same clan is a crime and only death is the punishment and actually this is the reality of life. I feel that in today times when new generation is moving ahead keeping aside the old traditions, in such times existence of tradition like Khap is very sad. People practicing Khap should be punished heavily. I firmly believe when we can’t give life to anyone we don’t have any right to take anyone’s life. In the film, I play a Villainous character who loves his children but at the same time he is very affirmative of his traditions and regulations of the society. Because of this stiffness and prevailing Khap Pratha, he even has to kill his own son.”

Mohnish Behl:

“This Project is very close to Ajay Sinha’s heart. We live in cosmopolitan cities so we don’t realise the mayhem caused by the Khap Panchyats. But a shocking matter of fact that it still exists. The film takes you back to unfortunate rules which require correction to a large extent, I believe. The film also deals with another interesting angle and this is where my character comes in place. I play Ompuri’s son in the film and how we both have conflict of interests which affects the father-son relationship to the result of our relationship being broken down by this Khap system.”

Uvika Choudhary:

“Khap is a very sensitive topic. Not many know about it. We want to convey the message with love that at the end of the day we are here for love and affection, so stop the killings. I hope people come to see the film and react nicely. About my character, RIA is a college going girl and from a middle class family. She doesn’t know about Khap Panchayat. But in journey of her life when she witnesses Khap culture, she gets scared as it is like an all new World for her. It brings lots of changes in film and her character.”


“A lot of research goes in such films and one cannot convey wrong message in such Social Issue based films. Thus this film rightly conveys message about Khap Panchayats and the honour killings. I play a young boy in the film, which comes from South Africa to Delhi to study and falls in love with a girl called Ria. They later realise that they are from same Khap. That’s when problem begins in their lives. So the film is about struggle of this couple.”

Anooradha Patel:

It’s a very contemporary topic blend with a beautiful love story. However, with entertainment comes a message through Khap itself. It is an educational subject while having fun while watching. I am playing Yuvika’s mother, a regular Indian mother, who is stuck between the ideology of head of the Khap, i.e. her Father in law and younger generation, i.e. her daughter.

Alok Nath:

“The amount of passion, blood and sweat that has gone into making this film, I wish and hope that it will help in stopping bloodshed. We should not be so barbaric and narrow minded that we kill our own child because of societal pressure. And we should not support such traditions in society.”

Shammi Aunty:

“I feel this movie will create awareness among the people and I hope people will take serious action to stop this tradition which is created by Khap Panchayat. Even animals don’t kill their own children; we all should take part in stopping this brutal tradition.”