CAPPUCCINO COLLECTION was a great classy line of ornaments at the INDIA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY WEEK 2012

The Cappuccino Collection created by Jyoti and Manish Shah was a line of great classy ornaments at the India International Jewellery Week 2012. The hand crafted jewellery in champagne diamonds with precious stones and pearls was set in white and yellow gold.

Featuring three segments, the Cappuccino collection had distinct varieties to suit every woman’s tastes. Calling the show ‘The Red Carpet Look’, it was a lively, tightly edited presentation with glittering Red Carpet creations.

The Espresso Collection was a mix of the western and Indian styles, ideal for evening and cocktail wear.  Diamond, emerald sets and oval pendants hung from thick diamond chains while pearl drops edged the champagne diamond neckpieces. The heart shaped pendant dangled provocatively on richly encrusted diamond collars, the gold tubular necklace with pendant and the shimmering collar with prongs were perfect party wear.

The Latte Collection had bridal jewellery with champagne diamonds, gems and pearls. Diamond cuffs were edged with pearls, while ruby chains had imposing pendants. The diamond spread collar hemmed in by rubies was a breathtaking entry. Circles with a flat necklace, the gold mesh piece with power pendants and the stand up lattice collar with emerald edges were magnificent.

The Irish collection was a high end line with clusters of diamonds to give the solitaire effect in different shapes and designs. Curved necklaces and plaited ones with emerald centres made magic on the ramp along with earrings and bangles.

To match the jewellery, Pria Kataria Puri, the brand ambassador of the Cappuccino Collection, designed the most glamorous creations for the ramp and was also the stunning showstopper as she gracefully walked down wearing a nude net sari with crystal embroidery and the most gorgeous emerald choker, necklace with double rectangle and square pendants, kada and rings.

For fabulous Red Carpet occasion and festive wear, the Cappuccino Collection by Jyoti and Manish was an ideal jewellery offering.