Bold scenes are part of the film, not the selling point : Swati Sharma

Popular model and anchor Swati Sharma is debuting on silver screen with OVERTIME produced and directed by Ajay Yadav. She is beautiful, talented and very confident. GLAMGOLD met Swati to know more about her and the debut film.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us about your background.

SS) I am born and brought up in Delhi. I did college studies by correspondence as I started working at the age of 18. To become an actress was my childhood dream. I did not have stage fear since young age, have won many prizes in debate competitions.

GG) Which was your first experience as an anchor?

SS) It was a tea company event held very early morning. Mahima Chaudhary had come for the event.

GG) How did career actually took off?

SS) After doing a job in call center of Karol Baugh I felt that was not my cup of tea. I took anchoring for Mall activities, Road shows etc. That brought fame to me. Then I decided to enter new zone. As I told you acting was my childhood dream so I came to Mumbai…The city of dreams. It was 2009.

GG) Did you get work?

SS) Not initially. I tried for small screen and anchoring also but was in vain. I use to shuffle between Mumbai and Delhi doing work over there for my bread and butter. At last after a little struggle I got job as an anchor for filmy parties and corporate events in Mumbai.

GG) And films?

SS) I took a break for about one and half years. I understood the mood, life, people etc of this dream city Mumbai. I groomed myself, understood how to give audition as presentation is most important. You see an ad should be better than the product. Then I started giving auditions for films.

GG) Tell us about OVERTIME and your character.

SS) The film is a journey of a girl who wants to become a heroin. Circumstances make her a high profile call girl whose name is Overtime. I am playing the protagonist whose actual name is Khushi. She is very positive thinking girl, works very hard to fulfill dreams. This film is not about call girl’s professional life but is about personal life of Khushi.

GG) How much you relate to Khushi?

SS) Remove the call girl angle from her, Khushi is me.

GG) Are there any bold scenes in the film?

SS) Yes but they are justified. See bold scenes are part of the film and definitely not the selling point.

GG) Which was the toughest scene?

SS) Wearing a backless was difficult.

GG) How was your experience working with the director Ajay Yadav?

SS) Great. He has done hard work for this film. Ajay is a cool guy with patience. He never pressurized on artist. He used to explain the scene and then keep trust on the actor. I really appreciate him a lot.