BIG Productions Gujarati show MOTI BAA completes 500 episodes successfully

MOTI BAA, a very popular Gujarati show by BIG Productions which is now a household name has successfully completed 500 episodes. The longest running Gujarati daily soap it has consistently maintained decent TRPs & an increasing viewership during 8 pm primetime slot. The highlight of the show is the return of the protagonist Ragini, a very well known Gujarati film and theatre personality, who made her comeback to TV after a long sabbatical.

MOTI BAA tackles social issues that cripple a Gujarati family when the head of the family dies. The protagonist who is widowed is further shattered by personal upheavals when her sons and daughters-in-law gang up against her and also begin squabbling among themselves. Subsequently she moves away from her family and finds a friend and companion (a man closer to her age) who encourages her to spread her wings and brings out the best in her. She sets up a small business which over a period of time grows into a worldwide enterprise. A confident MOTI BAA now is able to strike a perfect balance between her personal and professional life. In spite of being successful MOTI BAA still has to overcome all kinds of challenges which she faces with confidence.  The show highlights the perseverance, resolve and strength of MOTI BAA who overcomes all obstacles to find happiness in life.

Saravanan, Business Head, BIG Productions said:  “MOTI BAA is the first daily fiction of BIG Productions and we are emotionally attached to it. In a market where resources are scarce, talent is limited and budgets are low we have been successfully running this show for more than two years now. It offers the best of both worlds – compelling and believable content of Gujarat as well as sophisticated content of Mumbai standards. We have managed to sustain more than 90 per cent of cast and crew in these two years, again an achievement in this market. We have been building infrastructure, facilities and nurturing talent in this market ever since we started productions here. It has the potential of becoming a strong production base for Hindi GEC shows. MOTI BAA has now completed more than 500 episodes of run, a feat no other show or a production house has managed in so many years in Gujarat. ”

The show has won several accolades including Transmedia Award, and the BIG Gujarati Entertainment Award in various categories. The show that is being shot across real locations recently telecast a one hour special episode that established the high point of the show. For those who want to know more about MOTI BAA, you can look up the Facebook.