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Producer : Aneesh Arjun Dev

Director : Kittu Saluja

Story-Screenplay : Reshma A. Dev

Dialogues : Sachindra Sharma

Photography : Krishna Ramanan

Action director :  Hanif

Editor : K. D. Dilip

Background Score :  Sunil Singh

Art  : Madhu Kamble

Associate Director  : Harish Kumar Patel

Cast : Jackie Shroff, Ashwin Mushran, Aditya Lakhia, Markand Soni, Ishita Panchal, Akash Nair, Tejas Rahate, Mahru Shaikh, Ashish Nayyar, Rishina Kandhari, Nishiknt Dixit, Sonu Shahjahanpuria, Madan Singh Rao, Pradeep Kabra, A.R.Rama, Rajesh Dubey, Sushil Pandey, Yeshwant Malik, Mahesh Raj, Mahesh Mewara, Reshmi Sarkar

Rating : * *

Vipul K. Shah

Producer Aneesh Arjun Dev has given BHOOT UNKLE in 2006 and director Kittu Saluja has given CHAIN KULII KI MAIN KULII in 2007. Both were kid’s film. Now together they have come up with BHOOT AND FRIENDS on the last day of the year. Last week we have watched technically nice live action animation film TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO. I don’t know why makers of kid’s film do not realise that today’s kids are very smart. They have many options for entertainment specially games on Internet. Even then we are getting literally childish films for kids which neither attract nor enjoyable for kids.

Raghav (Markand Soni) goes to his grandmother in village to enjoy the vacation. His two friends Roma (Ishita Panchal) and Igloo (Akash Nair) who have come from USA also go with him. In the village Raghav has one friend Ali (Tejas Rahate) who is poor. His grandmother does like their friendship.

Near the village is Jungle of Pratapgarh where many years back was a nice village. It has some past, some secret of very precious Nilmani (Blue diamond) and King Vir Singh’s treasure.  Now these four kids go haywire when they accidentally get involved in hunting for a lost treasure which is also sought and hunted for by a notorious villain Cournal Gomes (Ashwin Mushran).

The kids meet ghost Bhanupratap Singh (Jackie Shroff), commander-in-chief of King Vir Singh. He is having magical powers and he is guarding the hidden treasure. He wants to give back this treasure to people of Pratapgarh as it was their right.

How these kids find the treasure and fight the villain with the help of ghost is the story.

Jackie Shroff is as usual in ghost role. The kids have done really nice job. Ashwin Mushran is good as Gora Saab.

Director Kittu Saluja has tried well but weak screenplay makes the film dull. For example villains on jeep can’t chase kids on cycle. Even children can understand this is not possible in reality. Humorous moments which kids can enjoy are very very less. That should be more as its kid’s film. Plus point is animation work which is little part of the film.

On the whole BHOOT AND FRIENDS is okayish and may attract the kids below 10 years.