BHAY to release on 24th March

Nowadays in Marathi cinema, many movies with different styles and storylines have been produced. These movies with different and distinct styles have been well received by the viewers. One such, off the beaten track movie, ‘Bhay’, presented by 5G International and produced by Sachin Katarnavare is set to hit the theatres on 24th of March. Direction & editing is by Rahul Bhatankar.

Smita Gondkar and Abhijit KhandkekarAlong with a different theme, riveting story, one special thing is the shooting of two songs on exotic and eye catching locations in Dubai. With these two songs we journey through the sky scrapers, an exotic cruise, helipad scenes and famous beaches. Viewers will get to see the acting of Abhijit Khandkekar, Uday Tikekar, Satish Rajwade, Smita Gondkar, Sanskruti Balgude, Vinit Sharma, Siddharth Bodke, Shekhar Shukla, Nupur Dudhwadkar, Dhananjay Mandrekar. Three songs, each of a different genre, written by Shekhar Astitva, have been set to music by Vikram Montoroz. The songs are recorded in the voices of Tulika Upadhyay, Brijesh Shandilya and Ali Aslam.

Ajay Joshi is the co-producer. Story, script and dialogues are by Nitin Vijay Supekar. Art direction is by Prashant Rane. Choreography is by Ajay Devrukhkar and cinematographer is Rajesh Rathore. With a powerful story, pleasing music along with imaginative direction, ‘Bhay’ is going to be a totally different experience for movie goers