BHAVISHYACHI AISHI TAISHI…Curiosity about future

In ancient time, sadhus were predicting future and if something worse going to happen, they also use to show different paths. In today’s time also curiosity about future is there in people. That is why there are prediction columns in newspapers and astrology related programmes on various channels.

BHAVISHYACHI AISHI TAISHI deals with this subject and is a tale of three friends Priya, Megha and Nishi. Megha firmly believes in astrology, Priya feels it fake and Nishi is always in two minds to trust or not. One day astrologer Karmarkar predicts about Nishi’s future which makes her confused. Her mind says not to trust on the prediction but it was hard to ignore. If the prediction becomes reality then…

The film is produced by Ramesh Talware, directed by Surendra Varma, story-screenplay-dialogues and lyrics by Mrs. Chandra Ramesh Talware who is also creative director. The music is composed by Salil Amrute, cinematography by Arvind Singh Puvar, editing by Deepak Y. Virkud and Vilas Rande, PRO Swapna and distributor is Sachin Sant.

BHAVISHYACHI AISHI TAISHI stars Ruchita Jadhav, Mansi Naik and Karol Zine as three friends with Varsha Usgaonkar, Astrologer Sandeep Kochar, Aasavari Joshi, Swapnil Joshi (Jr), Pankaj Vishnu, Aanda Karekar, Kishor Nandalskar and Pravin Talware.