Bechara Gurmeet

Yes, this is exactly how one can describe the condition of Gurmeet Choudhry. Some time back he had fever and then on top of that, he also had to eat green chilies for a sequence in Geet. Now Gurmeet has managed to dislocate his right shoulder. Moans Ramji turned Maan, “in one of the scenes in serial ‘Geet’, lift door was not opening. I was supposed to get irritated and bang on the lift door.  There were two- three retakes before the shot was okayed. I felt a shot of pain in my right shoulder but ignoring it I continued with the shoot. However, it started swelling and eventually I had to show to a doctor. He tied my shoulder, gave me some medicines, and told me not to use the right arm.” But Gurmeet is continuing his shoot, after all you cannot play with the schedules of a daily. Only thing is that he is careful with his right arm. A regret he has with this entire episode is absence of beau Debina Bonnerjee in Mumbai who is away at Satara shooting for special episode of Aahat on Soni. “Poor Guru. Wish I was there to take care of him. How will he manage and he tends to ignore his health most of time,” croons Debina from Satara.