Ballantine’s presents SALT N PEPPER : A unique and funny look into the dark side of relationships

Establishing brand connections have long moved into the realm of being more a norm than an exception. But something novel has been taking place within the framework of this world, adding color and value, for both, the brand and its connection. Associating itself with theatre for the past few years, Ballantine’s has given audiences much to look forward to. Appealing to a discerning, opinion-making, youthful, passionate, and extremely involved audience, it has established a deep brand connect with each play that it has brought to and unfolded on stage.

This 4thyear is no exception, as Ballantine’s presents ‘Salt N Pepper’, a theater tour of one of the best theatrical presentations of the year that will travel from Kolkata to Mumbai to Pune to Gurgaon, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The format this year is unique in as much as there are 10 stories of 10 minutes each, revolving around 10 lives played by 4 of the most brilliant and versatile theatre personalities and will tour 7 cities for 10 shows from October onward. The plays will also go beyond the theater stage and leave a bigger impression with Preview Evenings at select venues the day before the main act to give audiences a glimpse into the main stories. Bengaluru Supper Theater, an invite-only Ballantine’s event, will also be held this year.

Salt N Pepper is the brainchild of critically acclaimed writer and director Vikranth Pawar. Delving into human relations and unraveling the funnier part of the supposedly dark sides of relationships is something he loves showcasing in his work. Salt N Pepper does just that. The extremely talented and distinct actors Mandira Bedi, Kuki Grewal, Darshan Jariwala and Vikram Kochhar play the 10 different lives in each of the 10 stories. These tales take audiences through the subtle yet darker sides of people who have been or are in a relationship or who need to associate with each other due to circumstances. Through conversations, chance meetings, strange incidents, and even conversations that happen only in one’s mind, Vikranth’s plays make sure that the mechanisms of the scene unfolding on the stage are but a play of light and shadow — a chimerical chiaroscuro against the world outside, as the various relationships and associations unfold in the sepia toned landscape of the audience’s eyes.

Speaking about the plays, Director Vikranth says, “In each of the ten plays, from ‘Dust’ to ‘The Tango’ to ‘The Giant Wheel’ and more, you will hear stories spun right before your eyes, you can watch yourself transported and transformed, you will feel life unfolding and see people engaged in all sorts of pursuits, trivial and otherwise. Some stories will wash over you like a tickle, some may put that Mona Lisa smile on your face. Some have a tempo that will reverberate in your hearty laughter. To associate with Ballantine’s on this series of plays gives me great happiness. To work with these four gifted actors has really brought my ideas to life. It is a pleasure to bring together these diverse and varied relationships and emotions and watch each character and movement leave an impression. Love, anger, sadness, hope, expectations and more all come together in Salt N Pepper.”

Bikram Basu, Vice-President, Marketing for Pernod Picard India said, “To bring forth this play to audiences is definitely giving audiences more than a taste of Ballantine’s beliefs and values. In today’s fast paced world, where everything gets busier and thus quicker and things need to be done yesterday, Ballantine’s provides entertainment options that are meaningful and appealing like the 10-minute theatre. It is an honor to work with Vikranth and his esteemed cast, as the ideas in the 10 stories echo the brand itself in its freshness, innovativeness, allure and elegance.”

Taking forward the core that Ballantine’s stands for, the plays compliment its deep-rooted sense of reveling in individuality, vivacity, and panache. And this definitely “Leaves  an Impression”.

Ballantine’s presents ‘Salt N Pepper Tour Schedule

Event Date Day City Venue Supper Theatre
October 6, 2012 Saturday Kolkata G.D. Birla Sabhaghar
October 7, 2012 Sunday
October 13, 2012 Saturday Mumbai NCPA
October 14, 2012 Sunday Andrews
November 3, 2012 Saturday Pune Ishaniya Amphitheatre
November 4, 2012 Sunday
November 23, 2012 Friday Gurgaon Epicentre
November 25, 2012 Sunday Delhi Siri Fort Auditorium
November 30, 2012 Friday Bangalore Chowdiah Memorial November 29, 2012 Thursday
December 2, 2012 Sunday Hyderabad Shilpa Kala Vedika