BAAP RE BAAP to release on Dashera this year

Kalpana Cine Entertainment presentation, producer Aanchal Soni’s upcoming film BAAP RE BAAP will release on Dashera this year. Aanchal has directed the film and also wrote the screenplay. She is playing lead in this comedy horror.

BAAP RE BAAP also stars Gaurav Jha, Ritu Pandey, Glory, Sonu Jha, C.P.Bhatt, Ram Mishra, Dev Singh, Karan Pandey, Arun Singh and Umesh Singh.

The music is composed by Damodar Rai on lyrics written by Rajesh Mishra, Faninder Rao, Munna Dubey and Rajkumar. The songs are sang by Mohan Rathod, Alokkumar, Gaurav Jha, Khushboo Jain, Mamta Raut and Alka Jha. The music is released by World Wide Records and promotion by Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.