Avika Gor dubs for animation film Baru

Very famous Balika Vadhu aka Avika Gor has dubbed for an animation film ‘Baru- The Wonder Kid’. It is the story of a twelve year old orphan boy, BARU & his fearless journey to free his sister, ANANNYA , from the clutches of the Devil Prince- ZUKAYU. Fondly called as ANI, she goes missing from home and Baru takes on the responsibility to find her.

Avika has dubbed for the lead character Baru. According to Avika dubbing for animated character was a unique experience because she had to bring in her own emotions into play for somebody else. And she didn’t even know that person. “But once I read his character I felt for him. Even I love my family so much,” she comments. Avika had to speak dialogues like MERE BABA KEHTE THE DUSRA RASTA HAMESHA HOTA HAI.. and MUZE KISIKO MARNA YA HARANA NAHI HAI..MAI SIRF APNE BEHEN KO US RAKSHAS SE CHHUDAKE LANA HAI. She had to get under the skin of male character and mould her voice to be little heavy.

Comments one of the producers Vishnu Manohar, “Through this film we are trying to create an animation hero for our kids. we have either borrowed our heroes from west or mythology. Baru is a kid ,like any other child and comes across as realistic.”  Adds Prabhakar Shukla, “she is such a thorough professional. She understood the script and the character she had to dub for. It took some retakes but then her dubbing went on so smoothly. And she thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. we are so happy that we have chose her.”

Baru- The Wonder Kid’ is directed by Sachin Gote and is looking for October 2010 release.