Audience from eight to eighties love my work- Karan Wahi

Karan Wahi is one name whose fame and popularity growing with time. Karan will complete his 13 long years in the industry and in his long journey he has done quite a bit of impactful work. He has got a huge fan following for his work.

When asked Karan replies, “I am glad that I am still so popular and people still love me. It’s very humble to know that from kids to adults they adore me for my work. I guess that is because I have done a lot of youth based shows and I have done a lot of reality shows and overall audience from eight to eighties love my work. I am really excited and my fans keep sending me gifts. I have lot of fans who have tattooed my name, who have named a star after me and they send homemade chocolates, write letters, books of my work, DVDs of my work. They send me gifts on all festivals and it’s very very special and all of them are very special anyone and anywhere who has done for me.”