Arjan Bajwa signed as the male brand ambassador of Punjab Fashion Week

Arjan Bajwa who is awaiting his film release TELL ME O KHUDA produced by Hema Malini hails from New Delhi has recently been signed to be the male brand ambassador of Punjab Fashion Week which will be held in November and known designers like Priya Katria and Satya Paul will present their collections. He is a Punjabi and he is looking forward to the fashion week. He has been a model before he turned to films and got recognition with Madhur Bhandarkar’s FASHION.  He confirms, “It is feels good to be the brand Ambassador of Punjab Fashion Week.  Neeru Bajwa is the female brand ambassador for the same and talented designers will be showcasing their work”.

The designers who will be showcasing their work include Priya Kataria Puri, Satya Paul, James Farrea, Archana Kochar, Mona Pali, Ludhiana’s local designer Sonu Gandhi and many more.  Arjan Bajwa hails from North India and he feels it’s a good opportunity to bring Punjab more in focus in terms of fashion world.