Anupam Kher released the book ‘The Divine And The Destiny’ by Meenakshi Raina

Leadstart Publishing and Granth Book Store played host to the launch of ‘The Divine And The Destiny’ by Meenakshi Raina.  An intriguing novel, which will take you on a riveting journey of uncertainty and keep you hooked. The audience was enthralled when notable actor Anupam Kher released the book.  Filmmakers Sudhir Mishra, Piyush Jha, Ashoke Pandit and other celebrities graced the occasion.

Meenakshi Raina read excerpts from the book that captured the attention of the audience. Everyone was interested as the passages that were read out and content of the book was fresh, creating a story etched in the minds of all those present.

Swarup Nanda, CEO, Leadstart Publishing said, “Leadstart Publishing has always promoted a lot of first time writers who have strong stories to share, Meenakshi is one such author. The story of Kashmiri Pandits mass exodus from their motherland has been dealt with by the media as a political story, never has it been as fascinatingly written from the point of view of the Pandits who were made to abandon their homeland by force. It is a wonderful story of a human being’s courageous journey painted on a spectacular canvas of emotions.”

Meenakshi Raina (Author) said, “I have been a witness to the mass exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits, in 1990 and while writing this book, I have re-lived this tragedy which is full of noxious memories, terror and trauma. My personal experiences, combined with my imagination has created this touching story of upheaval. The Divine And The Destiny – is an attempt to go beyond what has been documented in the books of History.”