Anupam Kher launches music of ‘Soch Lo’

Anupam Kher launched the audio of Sartaj Singh Pannu’s film “Soch Lo” at theTwist Lounge in Mumbai. Nitesh and Charu,  the music director of the film performed live Songs. The atmosphere was completely musical.

Sartaj Singh Pannu was cynosure of all eyes and he had put up a great show like his film which is highly anticipated. He was looking calm and composed but the buzz around him had pulled in lot of people to meet him and know more about the kind of film he had made. Anupam kher walked in dot on time and took a look at the promos and said he is looking forward to watch the film especially for Sartaj.

Sartaj started the evening by inviting the entire cast and crew on stage. Iris Maiti and Bhupinder Singh were present and the rest were in US preparing for a screening for Richard Gere. Sartaj called upon Anupam Kher who unveiled the audio of the film.  Samir Kochar was seen after a while and was heard he was the contestant for “Khatron Ke Khiladi”.  Umesh Pherwani was chatting with Vikas sethi. Ruslaan Mumtaaz and Yash Tonk walked in together. Ishita sarkar came in from goa. She was spotted with Ishq Bector. Rohit Jugraj and Sartaj were seen and heard discussing there next film together. Anand Suryavanshi, Ejaz Khan, Piyush Thakkar were also spotted enjoying the evening.

The live performances had made the whole atmosphere filled with music and fun. ‘Soch Lo’ promo has indeed put everyone to think ….and await.