Anup Jalota sang devotional songs and bhajans at Vishal Bhagwati Jaagran

A grand Bhagawati Jaagran was organized at B.E.C. ground, Goregaon, Mumbai in honor and celebration of Birthday of Shri Radhe Maa on 3rd March 2011. It was welcomed and appreciated by every participant which thronged the venue in thousands. Bhajan King Anup Jalota and Master Salim and Sadul Sikander Party enthralled the devotees with melodious devotional songs and bhajans.  The Jaagran continued whole night and the devotees were looked after very well. Bhandara and Langar was working all night to provide them with food and Prasaad.

Radhe Maa arrived at venue at 12 in the night and she was welcomed with flower petal and music band. Her welcome was grenadier than that of any king. It was not pomp but Radhe Maa’s spiritual power that made the devotees’ evening a life long experience. Everybody received Maa’s blessings.

Radhe Maa’s astute devotee and the organizer of  Vishal Bhagwati Jaagran Sanjeev Gupta attributs the success of Jaagran to Radhe Maa, “ It was only because of Maa’s blessing that Jaagaran was so successful and even after being whole night awake everybody was so fresh and full of energy.”

Bhajan King Anup Jlota was also very happy to perform in honor of Maa,“I always follow Maa’ preaching. I am blessed that I got the opportunity to sing in her honor.”