Anup Jalota releases Amit Singla’s album MAGIC 2012

Debutant composer, lyricist and singer Amit Singla’s album MAGIC 2012 was released by Padmashree Anup Jalota, the Bhajan Samrat on 14th June at Hotel Four Seasons, Juhu, Mumbai and in the presence of Limca Books Of  Record Holder music composer Aanchal Talesera. She is the youngest Indian composer who turned music director at the age of 12 with Vicky Ranawat’s KAABOO. Singer and composer Shibani Kashyap, singer Anee Chatterjee (who has sung 18 songs for the serial JAMUNIA airing on Doordarshan every Sunday at 10.30 a.m.), event organiser and host Nikhil Kamath (well-known music director of over 200 film albums, private albums and serial JAMUNIA where he has composed 20 songs), Ratnakar Kumar of Worldwide Records and several media personnells who came in large numbers. A show reel of all the songs was shown to the huge gathering.

On the occasion Anup Jalota told, “Music can be thought of by only those people who love life and the people around them. When you are in love you sing romantic songs. When you are in angry mood then you can’t sing. Can anybody sing when he or she is angry? Can anybody write a poem when he or she is angry? We have read Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s MADHUSHAALA and let us remain inspired by this all time great work of Bachchanji, father of star of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan. We must welcome the newest singer Amit Singla to our fraternity were love exists in a big way. I am sure his next album will be far more melodious and he will attain his fame as a composer and lyricist as well.”

Aanchal Talesera said, “I have seen many young talents coming to the music field and I am very happy that my tribe is on the increase. The songs are worth listening and Amit’s voice has a distinct flavor of a seasoned singer in MAGIC 2012. I hope the album is heard by many youngsters who love music as the songs are also picturised on Amit Singla himself who looks like a young actor with handsome looks.”

Ratnakar Kumar of Worldwide Records said, “Many new singers come to me with the ready product and also the film the songs and make themselves handicapped before me telling that they don’t know anybody who can help the album to get a proper release. I can only help these people to make an entry in the music world. I must appreciate Amit Singla’s aggressive ways of making a fine product in MAGIC 2012. The best part of this album is that he chose the locales in Goa which is one of my favorite spots where I have toured several times in the past and also the place has romantic feel for the young blood. The songs have a symbol of love which is always favored by music companies and I couldn’t resist the temptation of releasing it from my record label Worldwide Records.”

Amit Singla was very happy and excited on the launch of his debut album. He said, “I have been living in Australia for many years but my heart always is in India as I hail from Firozepur and I have been very passionate about music. I have a flourishing business in Australia as well but my wife Jennie knew that I am bent upon making a name in the music world and she literally pushed me to go to India and try my luck in the music world. Today is the day and I hope my album MAGIC 2012 creates some magic in the hearts of all the listeners in such a huge country.”

Producer Asit Kumar shared, “I must appreciate the efforts of Nikhil Kamath who has managed so well from the editing stage of the album till the release which remains as the best experience for me as Nikhil knows the ins and outs of all the people in the Bollywood film industry. I will soon make an announcement of my feature film with Amit Singla in the male lead. We are all very happy for Amit Singla as his dream of becoming a singer-actor has come true today.”