An actor should be production friendly: Vikram Sharma

Actor Vikram Sharma, whose latest outing is playing the role of Sugrive in Sony’s popular TV show Sankat Mochan Haumaan, is getting raving reviews for his act. Yet, the actor in Vikram is unstoppable. When asked about what will his fans see next from him, he says, “I’m in talks with two big production houses for large scale historical shows and I hope I should get clear picture soon.”

A fitness enthusiast, Vikram makes sure he hits the gym regularly. He reveals, “When I’m not shooting, I’m busy doing my martial arts practice and working out. In fact, I really enjoy doing stunt design with my trainer because it helps with my character when I’m doing fight sequences.”

During our talk, Vikram revealed his work ethic which we thought was quite interesting which all actors should think about. He says, “An actor does a lot of hard work to get in the industry and become famous. And once we do a show where the character played by us becomes popular, it’s a big responsibility which we must maintain. Because that is what we wanted in the first place. I’ve noticed that actors, after becoming popular, suddenly get very creative and start creating problems on set. This causes issues for the producer and can even cause the show to shut down, which is the worst thing as 100 other people then have to look for new jobs.”

Vikram himself is a very secure actor, yet he stands apart from the lot, as he also thinks about the losses a producer has to incurr. He says, “A producer spends so much time, almost a year, in creating a TV show. And when it gets commissioned and runs successfully, its completely wrong for an actor to be unsupportive.”

Well, we think you’re totally on the right track, Vikram and we hope other actors can heed your advice!