Akshay’s shoots Bhagvan ke charno main!

Akshay Kumar and debutante Trisha, the talented duo of Priyadarshan’s next ‘Khatta Meetha’ shot a song in the famous Ram Mandir in Phaltan, Satara. 

The song ‘Sajde Kiye’, is a lovely romantic track. According to the actress Trisha, the song is a beautifully written love duet that is shot in a very different way. What also adds to the beauty of the song is the pious location. 

In addition, the cast and crew earnestly abided by all the rules of the temple. There was no footwear allowed, the clothes were decent and shor sharaaba was kept to a minimum. 

An unusual yet interesting incident experienced by the cast and crew was when the Mandir Ghanti would ring at precisely the same time as the Azaan from the Mosque. 

The song is bound to be a chart buster, we say, given that even Bhagwan has given his Aashirwad!