Akshay Kumar loses his cool

Very few celebrities have the ability to avoid a controversy and Akshay has maintained a clean slate till date. Recently, zoOm got to see a very different side of Akki. Not only did the effervescent Khiladi lose his cool, he went ahead and mocked his fellow tinsel townies! What enraged Akki?

At a recent promotional event, Akshay was questioned about Bollywood celebrities being associated with sports. An infuriated Akki said that he is bored of cricket and also went on to comment on celebrities owning sporting franchises. We wonder if this remark was meant for someone in specific. The Badshah of Bollywood and Dabangg Khan own a sporting team and a franchise respectively. Was he referring to the two Khans when he said that sport is not a source of income for him?

We all know the Khiladi is a sports & fitness junkie and has a very positive sense of humour. But this outburst was unexpected from Akki! We do hope that Akki regains his calm and diplomatic demeanor soon. To know more, tune into Planet Bollywood News every day at 7 pm on zoOm.