Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi’s Grazing Goat is all set to start shooting their first film OH MY GOD

Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi’s Grazing Goat Pictures is all set to start shooting their first film, OH MY GOD in second week of January. Keeping everything under wraps and hush hush, the production house has not only finished pre production is all set to start the shooting in a week’s time.

Adapted from the critically acclaimed and commercial success full Gujarati play, ‘Kanji Viruddh Kanji’, tells a story of an atheist who incurs huge loses, when his antique shop is destroyed by an earthquake.

OH MY GOD is also special as it further strengthens the HERA PHERI jodi of Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal. When Paresh Rawal wanted to do the adaptation he couldn’t think of anyone else than his long term friend Akshay Kumar.

It is an extremely popular play, seen by the top brass of entertainment and politicians, the Gujarati play ‘Kanji Viruddh Kanji’ was instant hit for the audience when released in December 2009. It has performed more than 400 shows till now, it was then launched in Hindi with title ‘Krishan VS Kanhaiya’.

Show opened to a packed house in New York in 2010 and after that performing more than 100 shows all over United States. Also a whole of actors and producers have been eying the rights of the play which were quickly bagged by Grazing Goat Pictures.

Grazing Goat is very keen to make films that deal with subjects that are affecting society (a trend followed by Ashivini Yardi in her television career).

After a very successful tour of the play in the US, Paresh’s is getting pressured by organizers across the world to showcase the play in their countries. Paresh’s however is now committed to making the film.