Akshay Kumar 2nd Invitational National Karate Championship 2010 begins

A pioneer in the biggest ever martial arts movement in the history of Indian Karate, Shihan Akshay Kumar along with Renshi Mehul Vora is humbled at the small initiative that today has turned into a colossal sports event.

Currently being held in Mumbai, Andheri Sports Complex between the 28th – 31st October Akshay Kumar 2ndInvitational National Karate Championship 2010 started with a humble idea of bringing together underprivileged karate students from all over India to Mumbai, host them free of cost for four days, and make them participate in a world class championship, so that, they can be trained for world tournaments, without having to worry about any costs.

Renowned for his passion for martial arts and his commitment towards bettering the condition of the sport in India Akshay Kumar is proud of the way the tournament is shaping up in its second consecutive year.

Says Akshay Kumar, “I wish the participants all the best. Focus well and train hard”

The Tournament, organised by Nippon Budo Sogo International India and Nihon Gojuryu Karate-Do Kuyukai India was sponsored by Micromax mobile and received a whopping 53000 applications in 15 days .The tournament will also see 300 referees, judges and volunteers from all over India & Asia working from 28th to 31st October. Eight individual winners will be selected in the Contest and trained to represent India at the International Karate Championship in Japan in 2011.