Adhyayan Suman’s mother becomes a fashion designer for son

Adhyayan Suman will be next seen on the silver screen with DEHRADUN DIARY directed by Milind Ukey, was in for a surprise while shooting for a promotional photo shoot for the movie. Especially for this photo-shoot Alka Kapur, Adhyayan’s mother, took up the responsibility of styling her son. Though no one is aware that Alka Kapur is a fashion designer by profession and has left no stone unturned to make her son look fabulous for the photo-shoot.

A source close to Adhyayan said, “It was a very emotional and a proud moment for him.” When Adhyayan came out of the dressing room, the whole unit was standstill as he was looking fabulous in the outfit selected by his mother. The designs were spot on and were loved by the producer and the director and the shoot went smoothly. A source close to the director said, “Alka had styled Adhyayan spot on and that has helped him gain a new look for the photo-shoot.”

Alka Kapur says, “Adhyayan has worked really hard for this film, he has been reading all the details on case file from which the movie is inspired from. The movie is a real life murder mystery and Adhyayan plays the victim’s brother who gets brutally murdered and the movie revolves around how Adhyayan fights against the corrupt system. The movie will be a comeback for Adhyayan with him giving a strong performance.”