Banner : Ahmad World Studios

Producer : Kazaan Ahmad

Executive Producer : Dreamznlife

Director : Tanvir Ahmad

Story-Screenplay : Tanvir Ahmad

Music : A. R. Rahman

Lyrics : Nusrat Badr, Raqueeb Alam

Cast : Ayaan Ahmad, Nauheed Cyrusi, Rahul Roy, Aayesha Jhulka, Milind Gunaji, Saurabh Dubey

Rating : Does Not Deserve

Vipul K. Shah

Director Tanvir Ahmad has given films like AKARSHAN, CHIRUTHA, MAHATMA and SURAAJ. This is extremely unbelievable a director of four films can make such disastrous film ADA. Tanvir’s son Ayaan is debuting in bollywood with this film even than such low level worst film!!!

Ayaan(Ayaan Ahmad) is son of a noble human being Anil Anand (Rahul Roy) and a spiritual mother Aamina (Aayesha Jhulka). Anil starts receiving threats by some criminals if he goes to court for testimony. He is shot dead then. But before dying he gives a golden advice to his son Ayaan to kill all the criminals as many he can. See what this noble person tells: ‘Ek daku agar Valmiki ban sakta hai toh Valmiki daku kyon nahi ban sakta’.

And then our hero is continuously in tension if he would be able to keep the promise given to father. Yaa for that reason he kills some underworld persons. He loses his fiancé Gul (Nauheed Cyrusi) who is shot dead then.

Oh God! From the first frame only you feel like something bad will happen with you, I mean to watch the whole film…

Ayaan is extremely bad. Nauheed is childish. For Rahul Roy, Aayesha Jhulka and Milind Gunaji ADA will be marked as worst film of their career.

Direction ??? What to say? You feel like watching Ayaan’s on screen audition. Director just wants show he can do romance, he can do action, he is good in emotions bla bla bla…

The film shows there are no police or law and order in Mumbai. Dialogues are highlights: Aayesha Jhulka tells his son, ‘Lagta hai aapne mere pati ki jagah le li hai yaa mere pati ne bete ki jagah le li hai’. How a mother can say such words to son? Another example: Mai iss shahar ka sabse bada daku banunga. Many dialogues are told in English first and then repeated in Hindi or vice versa. Ayaan calls his mother Maa in first sentence, Mother in second, Mom in third sentence…great.

The rest all the departments are competing with each other who is worse. In fact first frame of the film should be statutory warning that watching this film will cause headache.

On New Year pray God to save us from such worst films. Only people or students of film schools should definitely watch ADA to see how a worst film can be made.