Actress turned DJ Shilpi Sharma dedicates her day for a noble cause

There have been many instances where actors have been the role model to the society, all thanks to the amazing activities they engage in. The prominent among them is the activities that help in the betterment of others living.

Actress turned DJ Shilpi Sharma who roped into fame with her remix hits of ‘Baby Doll’ & ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyaan’ expressed her love for animals by being a part of a charity event held for helpless and homeless animals. An Actress known for her pivotal role in Style, Jo Bole So Nihal, Right Ya Wrong and heroine is a well know DJ who has done most of SRK s remixes and received a lot of appreciation from him for the same.

The event took place on 13th September at a pub in Juhu where Shilpi was seen spinning some amazing tunes making the crowd go crazy over her beats. The event took place from 9 pm onwards where the crowd along with Shipli shook legs at some amazing tracks and danced their hearts out for a noble cause. 10 % of the bar sales of the event was sent for charity.

The charity event was organized by Zara Morani & hosted by World For All/Save the helpless animals and was attended by many celebrities making the event a successful one.