Acting is not a rocket science : Kahkkashan Aryan

Winner of two beauty pageants Kahkkashan Aryan is indeed a beauty with brain. She was popular child model. She is debuting in Bollywood with SADDA ADDA. Glamgold meet her for tete-a-tete.

—Vipul K Shah

GG) Tell us about your background.

KA) I am from Ahmedabad, studying medicine. My father is an officer in Merchant Navy. I won Miss Ahmedabad pageant and then also won Miss Gujarat University last year.

GG) What was the reaction of your family when you wished to do acting?

KA) My father, mother and elder brother have always supported me for my happiness.

GG) How did acting happened?

KA) I had attraction towards glamour world. Kismat bhi yahi chahati thi. My mom works in Reserve Bank of India. She got transfer to Mumbai so I also thought to migrate with her for acting career.

GG) Have you done acting before?

KA) As a child artist I have done lots of print ads and commercials.

GG) How did you get SADDA ADDA?

KA) Shoot was about to start in Delhi. Actress for Ridhima’s role was not decided yet. A common friend introduced me to director Muazzam Beg. He took the audition, felt perfect for the role and I was in the board.

GG) Have you joined ant acting classes?

KA) No. Acting is not a rocket science. It is not that much hard. We all express our emotions in day-to-day life. Important is to be camera friendly.

GG) Tell us about your character Ridhima.

KA) She is an architect, very confident and serious about her profession. She is madly in love with Irfaan played by Bhaumik Sampat. She knows where to draw the line. She is very serious about her career at the same time she is sweet and naughty.

GG) What is the similarity and difference between Kahkkashan and Ridhima?

KA) Both are career oriented like today’s girls, will work hard to achieve the goal. Difference is Ridhima have Irfaan and I am still single in real life.

GG) Will you continue studies?

KA) Yes ofcourse I will. But right now focusing on acting as it is my passion.

GG) What next?

KA) I am working on another project, can’t talk about it. Very soon there will be formal announcement of that project.