Acting gives you an opportunity to live many lives within one life : Mudasir Zafar

The handsome Kashmiri hunk Mudasir Zafar is on cloud nine now a days. His film MY FRIEND’S DULHANIA is ready to hit the screens. Apart from playing hero, he has also written story, screenplay and dialogues. Speaking with GlamGold, Mudasir unveils the journey of the film.

— Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us something about your background.
MZ) I am basically from Bhaderwah, a beautiful town in Jammu and Kashmir. I have done my schooling from Atman School, Jammu and my Higher Secondary from Model Academy, Jammu. I was more into sports. I represented my state Jammu and Kashmir in the U19 cricket Team for sometime and then moved to Bengaluru for my higher studies and did my B.A. LLB from one of the best law college named K.L.E Law College and continued playing cricket for my college too.

GG) So how did you turn towards acting?
MZ) Well I would say it was a dream to become an actor as I am very much passionate about this art. I think acting gives you an opportunity to live many lives within one life. Of course, for me, education is also very important. That is why I first completed my graduation.

MZ) Then?
MZ) After completing my education, I shifted to Mumbai. I am an Acting Alumni of renowned film maker Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International. I completed my two years diploma in Film-making, Specialized in Acting. After passing out I did TV commercials for various brands like He Deo, Fair & Handsome, TVs Wego, Lux and many more, also worked as an Assistant Director in some feature films.

GG) How did your film journey start?
MZ) With TV Commercials, I was also giving auditions. I got my first film ‘Gender Blender’. In this film I got an opportunity to work along with one of my favorite actor Late Mr. Om Puri sir. The film will release in 2018. Technically it is my first film but MFD is my first film which is releasing.

GG) How did MFD happen?
MZ) I got to know that Kala Niketan Entertainment is looking for a nice film script. I pitched them with a couple of ideas. The Production House liked one and then I wrote the screenplay and dialogues along with Prashamit Chaudhury who has also directed the film.

GG) Tell us about your character.
MZ) I am playing Aryan, who is a simple and emotional guy but very introvert. He believes in love and commitments. He’s very selective in his choices. His friend circle is also very limited. When it comes to his personal life and space, he doesn’t share it with anyone and if shared, it will be very calculative and something that comes in his comfort zone.

GG) How much do you relate with the character?
MZ) I think it’s very important to relate with your character in some way or other even if you are different from the character. When it comes to me I am a shy person and a lil’ introvert also. When I was writing the character of Aryan, it was intentionally or unintentionally shaping up like me. My friend circle is also very small. Regarding differences I am not sure because I don’t know how I will react if something that Aryan goes through in the film happens to me in real life.

GG) How difficult was handling whole writing part as well as acting in the film?
MZ) Frankly speaking, it was fun. I wrote the screenplay and dialogues along with Prashamit a month before the shoot. Once writing portion was locked, I started concentrating on acting part. So there were no major issues. In fact it was easy as I knew in and out of the film as well as the character.

GG) A writer gives birth to character and you also did. How was experience playing Aryan?
MZ) It was a lovely experience overall. I have seen the birth of this film. I have seen good and bad days in this journey, have learnt a lot & that is definitely going to help me in my future projects.

GG) What next?
MZ) There are a couple of things that are lined up. As of now my focus is on MY FRIEND’S DULHANIA which is releasing on 15th December 2017. Right now it’s all about promoting the film and then after 15th December let’s see what Santa Claus can bring for me.